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Reason to start a blog and why shouldn’t


With the rise of social media and influencer culture, blogging seems to have reached its peak.

Now blogging is no longer limited to only niche hobbie but everyone is blogging in some form or the other.

For example- Suppose if you have been to a wedding and you have not danced in a band, then it can be like an attraction for you because blogging has many attractions.

But the truth is, being successful in blogging depends on why you want to do blogging.

Why do you want to make a blog

Well, there can be many reasons for blogging and starting a blog.

On the contrary, there can be many reasons why you should not start blogging

Let’s look at both sides:

Some reasons you should start a blog

If I can tell you based on my experience, blogging has the potential to open so many doors, it is like a surprise, blogging can change your life completely. It is also very hard to explain.

To inspire your audience

Being able to inspire your reader through your writing power is a satisfying feeling that elicits complete satisfaction from within.

When people respond to you in a positive way, you generate a part of their influence on them.

As a blogger, you can inspire people in many ways

  • Use your fancy words to inspire people
  • Change your life for the better
  • Make your day more productive
  • Do some beautiful inventions every day
  • Tolerate other people

You can do all this through your blog, if you want to be qualified in it, then you need a blog, use it with your mind.

To improve your writing ability

It is said that if you try to write something by yourself, then it affects your writing ability and in such a way, if you start a blog, then it is a delight to sleep on.

At first you may find it strange and as you mold yourself in it you will find it easier and you will start writing which will give you a different look and you will develop a different style.

By starting a blog, or through writing that you get to know about the response of the people, how people are reacting to your writing, this develops your creativity and you know what people like to read. Instead, we can convert a large number of readers

To learn new skills

Here I would like to tell the truth that when I started blogging, I started it for entertainment. I could never imagine that the work I am doing for fun will turn into a full time career

If you start blogging, then you can not imagine what it can teach you. I took the part this way when you start blogging, then it will give you –

  • Designing for WordPress
  • Writing for different audiences
  • SEO best practices
  • Creating web graphics
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • Website hosting

The above skill you can not only learn through creating a blog and publishing content on it, the content you create also generates knowledge in you.

For your example – I spent a little business writing about personal finance for the blog, now I know everything about this subject, now I can use it in other areas of my work and personal lifestyle.

To build your online brand

When you create a blog, along with learning new skills, if you master a particular topic as much as you master it, being a mastery helps you to build an online brand.

If you provide value to your readers through blogs, then you will soon become famous in the community.

Creating Your Brand is a springboard to turn your blog into a brand

To Face Your Fear

Blogging is a very effective way to overcome fear. Blogging gave me a platform where I can scream with complete freedom. It is an effective way to face my fear through blogging. I realized that other people are also like me and you

There are many ways to cope with your fear by blogging. You can use it to overcome impotence syndrome and feelings of not getting well enough. You can make it a blog on a niche or topic about which you Too afraid to write, blogging overcomes your fear of that particular topic

In many people, people do blogging with their mental health to help in their struggles, which reduces the fear of their struggle, sometimes the blog is a platform that exchanges everyone’s views.

To generate an income

Yes, it is possible that you can make money through your blog, if you are interested in a particular niche and make a blog related to it, then you can start a good income by monetizing the blog. Yes, a lot of people are also doing this

But probably not easy,

Those who you see successful in blogging, bloggers do their livelihood in blogging, they respect their work, in the course of this, they learn and understand things and how they work.

In fact, the bloggers who are successful are blogging for a long time, they have spent a lot of time in this.

For a blog, you need to choose the right and profitable niche, it helps you to earn money quicker than others, but if you want to provide some sale or some service through your blog, then for this you need to create targeted audience. What you need is diamonds for your work

But I would like to tell you, whatever niche you work on, you should be ready to work for it for a long time.

To meet new people

If you start a blog, then you can meet the new-2 people. When you join the huge community of new people, then you are exposed as a new guest. Can join group

Blogging is a great way to meet new people, through this you can meet new people with new minds and make them your friends, you can share your interest with them and you will see that not only the blogging community is your Welcoming but also useful for new bloggers

There are many communities in which there are also meetups and events, you can enjoy them:

You can enjoy many wordcamp organized around the world by WordPress

If you are interested in photography then you can join unsplash Meetup

The Craft Blogging Community of Me regularly organizes retreat crafts

Emotional blogger, meetup and conferences often. You can also join

Whatever your niche is, I guarantee you that the community below you is waiting for you.

To document your life

Let us remember the early days of blogging. A blog where we used to write about our daily routine can be like a livejournal which may have been hidden somewhere now.

Now maybe it’s unfashionable but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a blog

Blogging is the best way to make the details of your entire life. We learn a lot from our past happiness and past mistakes. Your blog stores your memories. It helps you to know how long you have traveled. And how much you have taught so far

Note: If you write an online journal, make changes to it. You should not share anything private like you and about you because if you do this, you can be a target of hacking and you may get into trouble.

To land your dream job

Getting a dream job is every human’s dream, blogging is the only means through which you can live your dream life, it can change your working life completely.

When I started blogging, I never thought in my life that I would do content writing and content marketing in my life, but what I taught during the blogging period played a very important role in turning my dream job into reality is

I also know, from here it can lead to even greater things

Reasons to not start a blog

As I have already told you why you should start a blog

But there are some disadvantages of blogging here and you should also know why you should not start a blog

This is not a direct way to achieve success, if you are not ready for it, then it can bother you a lot further.

This is really hard work

If you think blogging and starting a blog is a child’s game then you think wrong because blogging is a very hard work

You may have seen many successful bloggers, it seems very easy to see, but it is not so that a blogger tries very hard to make a blog successful.

A blogger does more work on his blog than his day job to make his blog successful

Being in blogging requires dedication, and patience through which a blogger gets many awards one day.

This is not a solution for making fast cash

Today there are many bloggers who are blogging for money, but not blogging is not the way to make money fast if it is the reason to start your blog.

So you’re going to failure

There is no fixed income

If you start blogging then I would like to tell you that there is no fixed income in blogging

If you think that blogs can manage your life, then things will be difficult for you

You should not leave your day job during blogging because you may see many ups and downs in the income of your blog. Some months you can earn well while sometimes you will be lucky to earn a very small amount.

In fact, some pro bloggers are doing well, many a times, after giving full time to their blog, they are not able to interest their month’s target as they expect.

Blogging is a very difficult part of life. If you are ready for ups and downs, then you are probably in favor of blogging and stay in blogging.

Blogging is a lonely pursuit

If you come to the field of blogging to work from home, then you have to prepare yourself for loneliness unless you are looking for a rental place or coffee to do blogging. Do not spend your day at home unless working from home can make you feel incredibly lonely as a blogger.

The blogging landscape is constantly changing

This is a very important part. If you are blogging, then blogging is a changing process. Things in the world of blogging change very fast, no one can prepare you for this. You have to be ready as soon as you learn one thing in blogging, you have to be ready to re-learn that thing.

Google algorithm is a prime example, guest posts are always on the move.

If we talk about change, not only Google but Facebook and other social networks are also changing to keep their business intact, it may not sit in your sentiment

If you are serious about blogging, then make sure that you are ready to keep yourself with the changes.

Overuse of social media can affect mental health

Blogging and overuse of social media affects your mental health. If you use more social media, you may be at risk of your health in future. While connecting with people using social media is a positive aspect, it also has some downsides.

Eat long hours in family time

Blogging is a long journey. In the early days of blogging you can eat the time you spend with your family or you use that time for your comfort like someone At the resort!

If you go on holiday with your family, then you have to be ready to do your blogging work there, during family dinner, your attention can also go on your mobile.

If you walk in the park with your children, there may be difficulty.

You will not be able to enjoy your family and your rest time until you create a system to manage your workflow.

The real reason for getting into blogging

Blog has its own rules and disadvantages. No one size fits all

So consider starting and not starting a blog, you should weigh and consider your personality, lifestyle and ambitions.

What’s right for you what fits on you be honest to yourself what you want from your experience

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