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How to start a blog from scratch

How to start a blog from scratch step by step full guide

If you are reading this article then we know that you want to start a blog, if you want to know how to start a successful blog, then you are reading the right article.

If you have already decided to make a blog, then it can be the best decision in your life.

Starting a successful blog is the best decision in life because

Through blogging, you can generate very good passive income in autopilot mode as well.

You can get free from 9 to 5 jobs through blogging. Blogging helps you to be your own boss. Through blogging, you are your own boss, so starting a blog is an important step in life that will make you successful Leads to

After reading this guide of excellentblogging, you can create a successful blog of your career and get the key to your success.

If you think that starting a blog is a very difficult task, then you think completely wrong because starting a blog is not difficult, you just need guidance that will help you start a blog, excellentblogging for your guidance.

There are 7 easy steps to create a profitable blog, by adopting which you can start a blog without any mistake. We are sharing with you some bonus tips, by which you can scale branded blogs.

Let’s move on

Step 1: Choose a niche for your blog
Step 2: Choose a good domain for your blog
Step 3: Select a good hosting provider to host your blog
Step 4: Select a good platform to create a blog such as WordPress
Step 5: Install WordPress
Step 6: Make the necessary settings for WordPress
Step 7: Select Attention Grabbing Theme for the blog
Step 8: Install the required plugin for the blog
Step 9: Write and publish your first article on your blog and make it live

Before starting the process of creating a successful and profitable blog

Some of you may doubt whether the time is right now to start blogging or why you should start blogging in 2020 itself.

So we would like to tell you here that today’s time i.e. 2020 is a great year to start a blog to develop your blog

Because if you are reading this blog then you must have realized that blogging is becoming very difficult day by day, if you started blogging at this time, then you will have more opportunities and possibilities who will start blogging after you.

If you start a blog soon after reading this article and scale your blog, then it has many benefits.

Blogging has some valuable unexpected benefits that help you

Express Yourself – Blogging is a way that gives you an opportunity to express yourself by writing content for your audience through an article on your blog.

You can increase your followers by solving other people’s problems – You help your readers by writing content on your blog.

Due to which your fans follow, they become your true fans who are always ready to support you.

Built a network – “According to Robert Kiyosaki” “The world’s richest people build networks and everyone else looks for work so starting a blog is a guaranteed way to expand your network

Being a Blogger, Helps You Get a Better Job – Blogging helps if you want to get a better job because employers like to hire a person with a positive online influence and blogging is the single best way to achieve this.

Make Money Online – Yes, you can earn very good money through ads from Google adsense and affililate marketing through your blog.

Now you must have got an idea of ​​why you should start blogging and how blogging can help you.

Let’s move on,

Step 1: Choose the right niche for your blog Choosing the right niche is the key to success in blogging.

Choosing the right niche is a very important part of your blogging journey in which every Newbie blogger gets stuck.

Most Newbie bloggers do not choose the right niche for themselves and choose a niche in which they are not interested at all, that is, they are not passionate about that niche, due to which they quit blogging in the first 6 months.

In simple language, you can understand the niche in such a way as to teach a particular subject to the children in school.

But this is not a simple topic, it includes many more topics.

Choosing the niche in the early stages is like getting merry in your favorite sport.

Are you still confused about the niche, then you don’t have to be confused because we are sharing some examples related to the niche below.

ShoutMeLoud – There will be hardly anyone in the blogging world who does not know about the shoutmeloud website. Maybe you know and maybe not.

If you are new to blogging now, we would like to tell you that shoutmeloud is one of the most important websites that provide you with information and content related to WordPress, Seo, and Blogging.

shoutmenloud also earn a lot of money from this blog, if you are not sure then you can see the earnings report of ShoutMeLoud below.

This is shoutmenloud’s earnings report, you can see that in the early days of blogging, shoutmeloud owner Harsh Agarwal used to make $ 400 from his blog.

And today you can see their income growth, but it was because of choosing their right niche, because of their great interest in their blogging niche, you can scale your blog in a big way, now you can understand how important it is to choose the right niche is

SmartPassiveIncome – This is a bussines growth related blog called Patt Flynn started this blog called Smart Passive Income where he shares strategy to increase business.

Today smart passive income is one of the most successful blogs, making millions of dollars every day.

I can show you blogs on such other side as well but I think you must have got the exact idea that how important is the choice of the right niche to create a successful and profitable blog.

In today’s era, there are many profitable niche in which you can start your first blog and will advise you not to go with any such niche.

Choose a niche that interests you if you do not do this and you go to a niche without interest.

Which you are not interested in

Surely you will quit blogging after some time, so that it does not happen to you, choose the right niche.

Now you must have fully understood why the selection of the niche is important for you, now the question comes that how can you choose the right niche for you so that you will not regret it later.

Now I am sharing full proof method with you

So that I can find profitable and interest based niche for you to create a successful blog.

If you want to create a profitable blog, then you have to focus on these two main factors.


First of all, you should see whether you can earn money from the niche you have decided.

If you cannot make money from that niche, then it would be wrong for you to work on that niche, if your need is money, then if you can make money from that niche then go ahead

Now you see that the niche you have chosen,

Are there affiliate programs related to it or not?

Now you see whether the niche you have selected has Google search volume associated with that keyword.


Now see how passionate you are about the niche you have discovered

You can share and publish related articles from the niche you have discovered.

Follow that the content related to your niche is the solution to the problem of other people.

I think by reading step 1, you must have understood how to choose a niche for yourself. If you still do not understand, then you can adopt the following method which will help you to choose a better niche.

First you take the paper and pen
Write at least five or more of your interests; you can also write in this list those interests which you are very passionate about.

Now the list you have made, what do you like best in this list and which one you like the most, go with that list

Now find the affililate program related to the niche you have searched for your blog.

Now you are ready to work on your discovered niche
So these were some steps to find a profitable niche for your new blog, by adopting which you can find a profitable niche for your blog.

Step 2: Choose a good domain for your blog

Choosing a domain for a blog is not a difficult task. You can very easily choose a domain name for your blog.

If you have already thought of the domain name, then you can skip this step and proceed.

If you have not yet selected a domain name, this is for you.

When I started my blogging career, I had absolutely no idea how to choose a premium or brandable domain for my blog and as a result I wasted a lot of domain names.

In the absence of knowledge, I had selected domains that I could not use as a business or a brand name in the future

I have shared this sentence above because I hope you will not make this mistake

If your answer is yes, then I have shared the following four tips that will help you find the domain name of your dream.

Keep the domain short and simple – try to keep your domain small. You should keep your domain name in a way that is easy to pick up and easy to remember.

For example, Jon Morrow changed the name of his blog from boostblogtraffic to smartblogger because of which he is now getting millions of traffic because his domain name looks very simple.

Use Keywords – You can use your main keyword to select the domain, it helps you in the future.

Do not use numbers – when choosing a domain name, you should be careful not to use numeric digits because memorizing numbers in the domain is a very difficult task.

Always use TLD extension – When choosing a domain name, you should use TLD (Top Level Domain) ie .com extension as it is a world class domain.

I hope you will now be able to choose a brandable domain for yourself. If you are still having problems, you can use a very good tool to search for a brandable domain name and find a brandable domain name for your blog. Can that tool be Leandomainsearch

You can get brandable domain names with the help of this tool

Step 3: Choose a good hosting for your blog

If you want to make a blog, then you need a good hosting and domain.

I know you do not know about these two, but you do not need to panic because I am going to inform you about these two, now I tell you about it

Domain Name – is the name of your blog which the reader types into the browser and accesses your blog.

The domain name includes some things like this –

1.HTTPS: // (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
2.www (subdomain)
3.Excellentblogging (domain name)
4..com (Top Level Domain)

Web Hosting – Web hosting is a place in the world of internet where all the files of your blog are stored when a person wants to reach it, then she shows it as your blog. You can understand hosting in this way.

Hosting is like a hard disk on your computer, which stores all your data such as images, posts, pages, and more. Hosting keeps your data safe.

I think you must have got basic knowledge about hosting, what is hosting and what you need hosting, now you must be thinking that you have to take hosting from and which hosting is the best

You can use a lot of hosting to create a blog, but I would not recommend any useless hosting based on your own experience.

So I would recommend going with siteground hosting rather than giving you a list of different types of hosting.

Why do I recommend to go with siteground hosting


Siteground is a no-1 hosting for the beginning blogger because if I honestly talk about their support system and service it is very good and this hosting is not too expensive like other hosting providers.

So are you very excited to start your blog

If yes, let’s move on ,,

When I started my blogging career, I used different types of hosting but the load time of those hosting is terrible.

Then I came to know about Siteground Hosting and I migrated my blog to siteground hosting. After migrating my blog load time was very short.

Do not go by my instructions, you can see the proof below. I am sharing a screenshot of the load time of my blog with you.

First site base,

You can see that at this time I am using very cheap hosting, you can only expect such results from cheap hosting.

Now the basis of the site,

Boom! You can see our blog is now on Siteground Hosting, the load time of the blog is reduced by 85%

But wait, don’t take our word here, there are some new real reviews for siteground hosting by some experts who are sharing with us below.

Let’s move forward,

Now I will tell you how you can buy domain and hosting from siteground

By the way, buying hosting depends on you, you can buy hosting from anywhere.

But I would still recommend you to go with the siteground as it is a very good decision for the starting blogger to buy hosting from the siteground as it is inexpensive and reliable for a begginer blogger who wants to do blogging as a business.

To start your first blog, follow the steps below to purchase hosting and domains from Siteground

Go to this link to purchase hosting for your blog.

I recommend you to go with the startup plan as you get to see a lot of features in it.

Enter your domain name that you want to keep for your blog, keep the domain name that is easy to speak and remember, for example if you are interested in creating a blog related to food, then you keep your blog name foodmarket. You can get the domain name from foodmarket name

I think you have already selected the domain name by reading the domain section. If you have not thought of the domain name yet and you are having trouble in choosing the domain name, then I have already told you how to choose the domain name. If you have not read the first domain name, read the section, go to the domain section, after reading this, I hope you will get a lot of names.

Fill in your account information

You have to fill in your information to open your account

Fill your credit and debit card information

To pay for your domain and hosting, you need to complete your credit and debit card information.

Confirm terms

To go ahead, confirm the conditions, after that you have to click on the Pay Now button, now you have to wait a bit here.

Wait for few minutes, now you check your mail which has been sent to you by siteground, which contains all the information related to your account.

And done.

Congratulations. You have completed all the process of hosting and buying domains. You have overcome the biggest hurdle to start a blog. Now you are ready to create a blog. Now you have to setup your blog.

So let’s see how to set up a blog

Step 4: Select a good platform to create a blog such as WordPress

Now the question comes how to setup a blog and that means you need a platform to create a blog, otherwise you will find a lot of blogging platforms to create a blog, but I would recommend you to go for simple WordPress.

Why I recommend choosing WordPress

Because in WordPress you get to see a lot of features compared to other blogging plateform, in this you get lots of themes and plugs to customize the WordPress blog so that you can design your blog in a good way.

In today’s time, there is a very popular blog on WordPress. Experts also recommend to create a blog on WordPress. If you have a technical issue in WordPress, then you can get the solution of this very easily if you If you have any difficulty in understanding WordPress, you will also find a lot of tutorials related to WordPress.

So I think you must have guessed that why you choose WordPress is good,

Let’s move on, now I will guide you how to setup a blog on WordPress.

Step 5: Install WordPress

To setup a blog on WordPress, you have to install Simply WordPress,

Installing WordPress is not rocket science, only you should have complete information about it.

In this section I will tell you step by step about setting up a WordPress blog. You can setup your blog on WordPress by following simple steps

First of all, go to the dashboard of your siteground, if you have purchased the domain and hosting from the siteground, then you will have some interface in front of you, you can see the below log in your account

You are creating your new blog, for this you click on start a new website

Now you have to click on the tool in which you want to set up your website.

Simply click on the WordPress software to setup your blog, now you can give information about your website by logging in

I would like to tell you here that this information is very important, so I would advise you to write this login information in notepad so that if you forget in future then you can check it there.

After filling all the information you have to click the complete setup button to complete the simple process.

Now it will take a few minutes to setup your blog on WordPress, you have to wait a little

Now you just have to click on Proceed to customer area.

Now you have to click on my account option, you will see the option of installation here, you have to click on the installation tab, you can follow the image

Now click on go to admin panel to visit your blog’s dashboard

Now you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard. Now you have to enter the login details of WordPress which you selected during the installation and click on the login button

Congratulation You have successfully completed the setup of your WordPress blog,


You remember this URL or you can bookmark this URL

With the help of this URL, you can login to the dashboard of your WordPress blog. To login to Simply WordPress Dashboard, change the above URL with your domain name.
Or you can also write wp-admin / after your domain name.

You have successfully completed all the processes associated with installing WordPress.

So let’s move on

Now you have to do basic settings of simple WordPress which are very important to do

Step 6: Make the necessary settings for WordPress


Essential Settings After Installing WordPress -In the article already published, we have given you detailed information in this article that you will get complete information about what to do after installing WordPress.

Read this article – What to do after installing wordpress or essential settings after installing wordpress

Step 7: Select Attention Grabbing Theme for the blog

After installing wordpress and basic settings of wordpress it comes the theme of your blog, it is very important factor if you are creating a new blog.

In blogging, your blog design is very important. If the design of your blog is not good, then you are losing a lot of traffic and audience of the blog. The better design of your blog attracts visitors to your blog.

A deeper connection is established between the reader and you

You will find a lot of free themes in the wordpress repository, but I do not recommend you to go with those free themes because there is a lot of risk of getting hacked in these free themes, due to which you can lose the data of your website.

If you use a free theme or nulled theme, then it is like preparing yourself for destruction.

If you want to do blogging as a business for a long time, then investing in themes and plugins is a very beneficial deal for you in the blogging journey. I have often seen many bloggers consider investing in themes and plugins meaningless. And they have to face many problems in the future

So what themes are best for your blog?

I use the Genratepress theme for my blog because it is very light, it loads the website very fast and I love the design and many other pro bloggers use this theme as well. The theme is also very easy to design

But wait, I can only suggest you some more themes but before this I want to tell you about some things that you should keep in mind while buying a theme

Whenever you buy a premium theme, make sure that the theme is very light and easy to use.

Whenever you buy a premium theme, you will see that the theme is compatible with the current WordPress version.

The most important part is to check whether the theme is responsive or not.

Support is a very important part, so you try that from where you buy the theme there is excellent contact support (eg Genratepress and themeshop.)

Now I am going to tell you about some of my favorite and purchased themes that I use on my other blogs.

Is one of my favorite themes that I use personally

Astra pro – astra pro is a very light and lightweight theme, it is easy to customize, it is just like genratepress theme.

But compared to the genratepress theme, in this theme you get to see a lot of features that you do not find in the genratepress theme

In Astra pro, you can design very attractive and responsive homepage by using the Elements plugin.

Let’s go to the next theme,

Focus Theme by thrive Theme – Focus Theme is a very powerful theme because in it you get all the options you need such as email opt-in, shortcode, and many more, it is very easy to customize this theme if you If you are an affililate marketer then this theme is like gold for you because this conversion is optimized. This theme has many options that help to make your blog very powerful.

Scheme Theme – This theme has been created by mythemeshop. The best part of this theme is that seo is a friendly theme and this theme is very fast.

GeneratePress – This theme is awesome, I am using the genratepress theme on this blog, this is a great theme for me because it is very easy to customize this theme, this theme is very easy for any newbie blogger too You can customize the support of this theme is also very good. If I want to choose any of these themes above, I will choose the genratepress theme because it has a great look.

After choosing a theme, now is the time to install that theme on the blog

To install any theme in a WordPress blog, just follow the steps below.

First you get logged into your WordPress dashboard

Appearance – Themes

Now you will get a lot of free themes in this section, but if you have a theme before then click on the Add New button

Click on upload theme and upload your theme zip

And activate that theme for yourself

Finally you have installed and activated your favorite theme in the blog, but wait, installing the theme is an easy task but the main task is to customize this theme.

If you want to customize the theme of your blog, click on the appearance in your WordPress dashboard. Now click on Customize. Now you can customize your theme.

If you have followed the steps mentioned above, now your theme is responsive and optimized, now I will tell you about some of the best and useful plugins that are installed by every WordPress user. This plugin plays an important role for automation of your blog.

Step 8: Install the required plugin for the blog

WordPress is very popular for its plugins. If you don’t have plugins in WordPress, WordPress is anything because plugins (optimize your content, for seo, speed, and more) are repositories of plugins in wordpress repository but some of them are plugins Is what makes autopilot work for me

Do you want to know about the plugins used on my blog?

If yes, then I am going to share with you the list of plugins used on my blog.

Elementor or thrive artichtech – you can design any page using these two plugins, with the help of these plugins you can create landing pages according to your thinking, this allows you to create landing pages by not just dragging. I use both of these plugins, it is very easy to use them, you can create stunning landing pages with these plugins.

Rank Mathe SEO – If you want to bring traffic to your blog, then you have to do good seo of the blog, for this you can use the Rankmat seo plugin, this is a new plugin, but today it is in favor of every blogger. Bloggers suggest you yoast seo plugin but I do not recommend you to go with it because it does not have many sari features that you get rankmathseo you can read the review on my blog

WP Rocket – Speed ​​of your blog is very important to rank on Google, so you have to pay attention to the speed of the blog, for this you can use the wp rocket plugin to optimize and speed up your website. Helps

Thrive Leads – If you want to add the feature of collecting email on your blog, then you can use Thrive Leads plugin, you can add features like popup, lightbox, sticky reboon, screen filler overlay, content lock with the help of Thrive Leads. Can

iThemes Security – This plugin is very important for your blog because first of all we should pay attention to the priority of our blog because sometime -2 someone tries to hack your website, then this plugin helps you to keep your blog safe. If you want to keep your blog safe then you must use this plugin

UpdraftPlus – With the help of this plugin, you can backup your blog, although siteground keeps backup of your blog daily, but for more security, I daily backup my website with the help of this plugin. This plugin takes backup of your entire website. Helps for if bychance there are any problems with your blog then you can restore the data of your blog.

Anti-Spam – As the name of this plugin shows, Anti-Spam protects your blog from spamming. Sometimes people comment spam on your blog. If someone comments and looks like comment spam then this plugin automatically Removes itself from.

Resmush – It happens many times that when we publish an informational article, we have to use a lot of images in the article, then this plugin optimizes the images that load your blog very fast.

Social Snap Pro – This is a social sharing plugin. In this plugin you get a lot of social sharing plateform. I like this plugin very much because it helps you to get traffic from different -2 social plateform like – facebook, twitter, Many more social platforms!

So these were the top plugins that I use on my blog, which help in running my blog properly.

So these were the plugins that I use in my website so that my blog runs much better

Note – Here I would like to advise you that you do not use any kind of nulled and cracked plugin because a hacker can hack such plugins very easily, you can also use the data of your website using these plugins May be lost

If you want to do blogging and want to earn money from blogging then I would advise you to invest in it and you should see your blog like a business

How to install plugin? Is this your question, so let me tell you about it too

Go to wordpress dashboard first

Go to plugins add new

Upload plugin zip file, click on install button

After installing, click on activate button to activate the plugin that you have installed.

Let’s go to our next topic

Step 9: Write and publish your first article on your blog and make it live

Are you excited to publish the post on your new blog, so let me guide you in publishing your first article but before that I would like to congratulate you for your WordPress blog which you have successfully set up now Simply publish articles on your blog

If you want to publish a post on the blog, first of all login to the dashboard of your WordPress blog and follow these steps.

Now you can see that you have come in the edit section of your post, now you can start writing your first post.

Now I would like to give you some tips here which will help you in writing the article.

If you are confused about publishing new posts on your blog, then I would recommend that you do some keyword research on Google first. You will get all the keywords related to your niche, on which you can easily rank on Google.

Pro Tip – Here I would advise you to go with long tail keyword as it is very easy to rank these keywords.

While writing a blog post, you try to keep the title of the blog post awesome. Use numbers and powerful words in the title to make the title awesome.

Use images to make the blog article more comprehensive. You can give better detail in your article and make your article as long as possible. You can get the reader’s attension by this, but it does not mean that you do not have any value in the article. Let your readers understand and publish the article.

Note – Avoid the mistake of using copyrighted images from Google, I recommend you to use free copyright free images.

I would like to say here that you recommend to publish the article keeping in mind the on page seo, you can follow this guide of on page seo

Use words like i and you when writing articles, this gives you an opportunity to connect with your readers.

I feel that now you can publish your first blog post, I hope the above tips will definitely work for you.

Let’s go ahead,

Now I am going to discus on every blogger’s favorite topic from you, it will also thrill you (bonus)

This is a bonus for you, here I have shared some ways for you that will help you earn money from the blog.

First of all congratulations to you, because you have published your first post on your blog.

Let’s go ahead,

There are many ways in which you can make money from your blog. In this part, we will discuss some ideas, by adopting which you can earn very good income from your blog.

I have prepared a list of some of the best things to earn money from the blog below that will help you make your first dollar online.

Let’s go on the list

Affililate Marketing – This is a very effective way to earn money from a blog, in which you promote a product of a company, if it is sold by you, then the company gives you some comision in exchange for that product.

Advertise on your blog – A lot of bloggers are making a lot of money in this way, in that they monetize the traffic of their blog, in this you promote the banner of that company to promote the business of another company on your blog. But you can find that many bloggers are earning very decent amount in this way.

Most popular website to earn money – maybe you may know this method, you have come to blogging knowing that you have often heard the name of Google Adsense, you can earn money with Google Adsense

You can earn money like Google Adsense from Media.net Simply you have to register on these websites and take approval when it aprove you, then you can start earning.

Give your service – In this you can provide your service like if you have mastered seo, then you can do seo for your reader’s blog and website, instead of which the service user can pay you directly, you can price it yourself. Can decide with

Selling your course or product – In this, you can sell any of your products to your readers through your blog, it can be a course or a product of yours, but for this, first you have to gain trust for your readers so that you Could sell them anything

FAQ related to how to start a blog in 2020

To start blogging it is often asked how much does it cost to start a blog

If you start a blog from siteground, then you have to spend 3.50 dollars to start a blog, but I would advise you that if you start a blog with siteground, then you go with a 1-year plan because this You get a special discount

How to start a blog and earn money from a blog

If you have read this article carefully then we have already told you that how you can start your blog in 2020, how to earn money from blog, then you can earn money from blog in many ways. You can use adsense, you can do affililate marketing and there are many ways through which you can earn from blogs.

How to start a blog as a business

We have already guided you to create a blog, you can create a blog by reading this comprehensive guide, you can take the blog as a business from the beginning, you can see the blog according to the long term

Have started a blog but how can I bring traffic to the blog

Traffic works like a motivation for a new blogger, if you are worried about how to bring traffic to the blog, then we have already published a complete article on this, after reading that post, you read your blog. But you will be able to bring 100% traffic, increase blog traffic

Is it time to start blog 2020 today?

You want to create a blog sucessful blog, so here you are, if you consider the blog as a business then it is still worth it

Can I make a blog for free? Can I make a free blog?

Yes you can set up your blog for free with a platefrom like Blogger but I do not recommend it to you because if you really want to earn money from the blog then you have to understand the power of investment if you believe me with free resources It is better to start a blog, you can start your blog with paid hosting like siteground.

Wrapping up and now what next?

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first blog.

But what next

Are you thinking that you have made a blog, then your work is finished, now you do not do anything further, then you are wrong, making a blog is just the beginning of a blogging journey, right now you need to learn a lot like seo affililate marketing and many more some

If you want to become a successful blogger then you need to learn a lot and for the result, you need to apply different things on your blog in a different way. I recommend you to create a Habit that is always new. Ready to learn by reading the blog and much more

I hope you liked today’s article and you will get help to build a successful empire by reading this article.

If you want to stay updated with our new article and stuff, then I recommend you to join the free blogging community because I am very active there, if you have any doubts, you can ask me personally, I will help you completely.

Each and every share matters to us! I value your hard work.

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